Air Conditioner Condenser

Air conditioning unit outside of brick home. Multnomah Heating will repair your air conditioner condenser if you live in the Portland, OR and Gresham, OR area.

Your air conditioning unit is comprised of many components, and the condenser plays a vital part in the transfer of heat. Without it, your air conditioning system wouldn’t properly cool the air.

Multnomah Heating has been providing HVAC services for over 45 years and we’re very knowledgeable when it comes to AC condensers. We understand what causes them to fail and how to quickly repair them. If your air conditioning system is not working properly, contact us today for a free estimate. Read on to learn more about the signs that may signal you are in need of a new unit.

What Are the Signs of a Bad AC Condenser?

Your air conditioner condenser is comprised of many parts so when the condenser breaks down, one or more parts will typically need replacing. Below are signs your condenser may be failing.

  • Leaks: the condenser tubes may have become brittle or ruptured.
  • Warm Air: if your unit is not properly cooling, the outdoor unit may be dirty with debris or grass.
  • The condenser fan outside isn’t running.
  • Damage: over time your condenser coil may have corrosion or have suffered some type of impact.

The most surefire way to diagnose problems with your air conditioning system is to contact a professional. At Multnomah Heating, we’ll inspect your unit, diagnose the problem, and make the necessary repairs quickly and effectively. We also provide free estimates!

Experts in Air Conditioner Condenser Maintenance and Repair Services

Since your condenser is made up of so many components determining an exact cause of failure can be difficult for someone unfamiliar in HVAC systems. If your air conditioning system is showing signs that it’s failing, contact Multnomah Heating. We’ve been serving the Portland OR area since 1972 so we know exactly how to maintain, repair, and install air conditioning systems and all of their components.