Nest Thermostats

Nest Thermostats - HVAC Contractor in Portland OR and Gresham OR - Multnomah Heating IncIf it’s finally time to replace an old thermostat or install a new unit in your home, you’ll need to rely on a cooling and heating expert that has the ability to combine the functionality of a thermostat with your new or existing HVAC system. At Multnomah Heating, we have certified technicians who are trained to do just that. If you’re not sure which type of thermostat to use, we can help you decide. One popular distributor that we work with is Nest. Their programmable thermostats are proven energy savers that you can control from just about anywhere.

Upgrading to a Nest Thermostat

The majority of modern HVAC systems have functions and features that many homeowners are unaware of, or that older thermostat units are unable to take advantage of. By combining the technology of a new smart thermostat with the unique features of your specific heating or cooling system, you can increase energy efficiency and cut your energy bill at the same time; the savings you’ll receive by replacing an obsolete thermostat will usually pay for itself in a short amount of time. Nest thermostats are equipped with the latest technology, which helps them maximize the energy efficiency of your existing HVAC system.

Advantages of a Nest Thermostat

Home Thermostats - HVAC Contractor in Portland OR and Gresham OR - Multnomah Heating IncWhen we are installing a new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, we will often combine it with a programmable Nest thermostat. Here are some reasons why you may be interested in this type of unit:

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat is highly intuitive. It’s equipped with technology that allows it to program itself. It does this by monitoring the times of day when you are away from your home, and adjusting the temperature of your home accordingly – reducing energy use and saving you money.
  • The Nest Thermostat can be controlled from your phone, anywhere. When you’re away from your home and realize that you should’ve switched off your AC, you can easily utilize the Nest app and turn it off via your smartphone. Nest is also able to identify your location when your phone reconnects to wifi, automatically heating or cooling your home when you arrive.
  • Nest App provides usage analytics. The Nest app can also provide you with usage analytics that outline your home energy costs, breaking down usage data to the hour.
  • Green Leaf function provides energy savings tips. The Green Leaf function on a Nest thermostat can be used to discover information on techniques that you can use to save energy. By adjusting your home’s temperature as little as one or two degrees, you can save a good amount of money each year.

Expert Nest Thermostat Installation

When you require a professional Nest thermostat installation or replacement, you’ll be in good hands when you utilize our services. We can help you weigh the options of different types of thermostats so that you are equipped to make a smart choice. Call us today if you require assistance with your thermostat.